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My name is Hollie and I am a procrastinator. I have grand ideas about projects I'd like to do, and lists out the wazoo of things I need to accomplish, but I tend to get easily distracted by more and more ideas!  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  I created this blog to push myself to get things done.

What can you find within this blog?

  • Furniture makeovers (old and drab to new and fresh)
  • Quirky design
  • Room decorating ... and redecorating ... and redecorating
  • Delicious recipes that I simply can't keep to myself because they're so good
  • Projects or products I'm "crushing on"
  • Organization or space-saving ideas
  • DIY artwork
  • Just about anything related to home decor

I hope you also find me to be authentic. Although we all want to be blog superstars, most of us fall far short of that. My goal is to have fun with this blog, and write when I'm inspired. I don't post on a regular schedule just to fulfill a quota. I don't write about things I don't care about. And I will always be honest and open. My home, my blog and my own self are a work-in-progress, and I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

    My family in the front yard of our Craftsman bungalow

    My Decorating Style

    I like a blend of classic and modern, with a bit of quirk and industrial thrown in.  We built our home to resemble a Craftsman bungalow that would fit in with similar homes from the 1920s, but I want the moveable furnishings to be current, rather than retro.  I am a bit of a minimalist, so you won't find a lot of tchotchkes and "stuff."  I tend to evolve my design style frequently, which drives The Mr. absolutely nuts.  I started out at this house wanting a coastal feel with soft browns and blues, but now I'm into black and white with pops of bright colors. Still, a coral sculpture is my kryptonite!

    My favorite colors are black, white and all shades of blue, with a little red or coral thrown in.  You can find those colors all throughout my house.

    Here are a couple of my favorite designer rooms:

    Barrie Benson Interior Design
    Source unknown

    I didn't grow up in a "handy" family, so I have a lot to learn on that front.  And unfortunately my perfectionism means I'm the kind of person who's afraid of making a mistake, so I procrastinate a lot when something is challenging, but eventually I get it done.  I am inspired by so much out in blogworld and on Pinterest and hope to continue to learn from others who create such beautiful spaces!

    My Quirks

    I'm a perfectionist to a fault, so it takes me forever to do anything.  Either I'm afraid to start because I might mess up (cue procrastination), or I keep tweaking things until I feel they are just right.  Or sometimes I get bored with a project and move on to the next thing that inspires me.

    I'm not the kind of person who sticks with the same decor for years and years, so things are constantly evolving at my house.  The Mr. says he never knows what things will look like from day to day!

    Please continue exploring with me!

    Check out the other pages just under my blog header to find out more about my home and my blog.

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    1. Glad I found your blog. Very interesting stuff and blogger of course!

    2. Found you on pinterest,and really like your ideas. I am a hairstylist who is great at procrastinating on projects, I blame it on being both left and right brained, and am easily distracted and start too many things at once and finish few. I like the simplistic style you create and love the patterns & textures you picked out. I especially love the cabinet closures in your kitchen!
      Great job, thanks for the motivation,

    3. Hello, Hollie! I love love love the white dresser you re-created! It's absolutely beautiful. I have several pieces I will re-do in the spring (very soon as I am in Georgia) and was thinking of a paint sprayer. What brand did you buy? Any tips on how to spray? Any info would be appreciated!


      1. Hi, Sara. The paint sprayer I used is the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Paint Sprayer, which I purchased at Home Depot. As far as tips, you should probably check out my "Popular Posts" and read the ones having to do with furniture painting. I listed out all my steps and some tips there. It takes a little getting used to. The most frustrating thing is trying to thin the paint down enough to get it through the sprayer. You don't have to do it on high-powered sprayers, but on the entry-level ones you do. The good news is you don't use a lot of paint!

    4. OMG!!!! I am blown away by your "blog".......as you call this??? I am not a blogger...nor familiar with it....but felt so compelled to jot this down. You have a super cool flow & humor in your writes! Very nice!! Anywho...I found you because I just bought this EXACT dresser at an estate sale....and was looking up the style on the good ole google! And WOW!!! Your pics have inspired my entire idea for my bedroom now! I am superfantabulously blessed to have a contractor for a husband, who will go through all those "steps" to get this dresser beautiful! I had to do ALOT of convincing though to have him do it white instead of re-staining to original. (Yuk) But your pictures pushed him over the edge!! THANK YOU!!!!! And I am still trying to believe the hardware deal. How in the world can it look so different just from paint in the background??!! Hopefully mine look the same :) :)
      I will be sharing your blog with my sister as we both have your disease. Never met anyone that had such a good reasining behind procastinating!! So well put. I can almost feel good about it....lol. Thanks for the tips & laughs!!!

    5. i think we're twins....doing the exact same thing! just haven't started a blog yet. But going to upholstery school with the exact same intentions! I wish you luck! Your blog is fun!

    6. Copy and Paste. I am LOLing over here in WESTERN KY cuz I feel like I just read my own bio! :) I'm a bookeeper with an insatiable appetite for interior design, but exactly as u said I can't seem to get moving on a project. I bought an antique chest of drawers for my son's bedroom, determined to paint it white w/black hardware...till my stepmom who deals in antiques said it was actually a good original piece and I better do nothing more than sand and restain. :( And today I scored a nightstand similar to yours (that's how I found your blog - Googling for inspiration), so I'm gonna try your style cuz I am all about the coastal blues and greens. (Dreams of all white craftsman style built-ins on my L/R wall, accented with beach glass bottles, are dancing in my head at this moment...) OK, soul sister, I will email you my Before and After pics at a later date. Bottom line - LOVE your blog. ;o)

    7. What color/brand did you use on the turquoise nightstand? I love that color!

      1. Thanks! The turquoise nightstand and console table are painted in Gulf Winds by Behr.

      2. Details are in this post:

    8. I found your blog through Leone Designs. Love your style and humor! I cracked up when I read that sometimes you get bored with a project and move on to the next great idea. Totally me! Drives my Hubby crazy. :D Love your blog!

      -Laurie @ House of 34

    9. LOVE<LOVE and LOVE your BLOG..........Why can't everyone Blog like you. It was easy to maneuver ,motivating,inspirational,had the who ,what and where. Thank you for letting me into your world. Now how can I get you to help me with my home.........lol Looking forward to many more projects, Isabel Lay-Meireles

    10. LOVE<LOVE and LOVE your BLOG..........Why can't everyone Blog like you. It was easy to maneuver ,motivating,inspirational,had the who ,what and where. Thank you for letting me into your world. Now how can I get you to help me with my home.........lol Looking forward to many more projects, Isabel Lay-Meireles

    11. How to I subscribe to your site, u are so creative I would love to join, my email is irma.romero358@Yahoo.com

      1. Glad you found me! Near the top of my sidebar is a section that reads "Subscribe, Email or Follow Me." Click on the far left icon to subscribe to my site via an RSS feed. Or, below that is a field where you can put in your email address to have my posts sent to your email.

    12. hi hollie,
      i think you have alot of twins in this life. i have been going to auctions for the past year and have a quarter of the garage filled with furniture bargains. of course i am afraid to start on any of it because i'm not sure what the right shade of "white" i want and of course should it be chalk, milk or latex paint. it has to be perfect after all...........of course all this can be avoided because now i can start your blog from the beginning and that will give me more ideas!!!! seriously though it does help to know we are not alone and all of have quirks and foibles.
      thanks for taking the time to blog and know you are appreciated for doing it.......cheryl

    13. hi - I am looking for three baskets you picture in your projects, for bath towels...the three different sizes of the same basket. Where did you get these?? Love this idea for my small bathroom. Let me know!

      1. Hello, Mary Ellen. I got my nesting baskets at HomeGoods. I would think you might be able to find something similar at Target or other big box stores that sell organizational baskets, too. Here's my post about the baskets, which includes other details.


        If you end up doing it, I'd love to see a photo!

    14. I really enjoyed the robin's egg blue that you have incorporated here and there. The wall art that rumbles a Monet painting is what has kept my attention, Where di you find it? Do you have any ideas to cover some gray spots near a toilet in a small guest bathroom? Or even ideas of items to put on either side of a pedestal sink in that same half bath?

      1. Thanks for stopping by, Lee-Lee. The wall art above my sofa (I assume that's the one you're referring to) is called Stumped in Motion. I purchased it from Z Gallerie in 2011, then they discontinued it, then they brought it back. http://www.zgallerie.com/p-12110-stumped-in-motion-glass-coat.aspx

        As far as gray spots on the oak floor, were they caused by water? I know sometimes condensation from drinks can leave light spots on wood tables. I've seen various instructions online about how to remove or reduce those. One method involves mayo.

        Beside your pedestal sink, you could put a large plant, if the bathroom gets any light. Another option is a cute basket (I really like Target's Nate Berkus Zig Zag Basket, which isn't sold online any more but you might find one in stores still). In the basket you could roll up towels or toss in some extra rolls of TP, or magazines.

    15. corrections from above
      *gray spots "on an oak floor" near a toilet


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